Comic Artist

Aru is a UK-based queer comic artist with a deep love for androgynous villains and colourful worldbuilding. Their fantasy worlds are laced with sci-fi and are influenced by their need for more queer characters and sex-positivity in fiction.



Bulletproof Heart : A FFVII Barret Zine

Charity fanzine centred around Barret Wallace, loveable bruiser team mate in Final Fantasy VII

Barret is both a great father and an eco-terrorist and it was a joy to be able to illustrate a short comic celebrating the warmth of this character I adore.

YuGiOh Antagonists Zine

NSFW Illustration (18+)

Original Comics (18+)


Sci-fi - Fantasy - LGBT+ - Webcomic

A yet unpublished webcomic about a boy falling in love with his creation — his sexy pinup drawing. Essentially a self-indulgent tournament anime, Opus is something I have been working on for many years and plan to release once I have finished chapter 2. All pages currently available on my patreon.


Sci-fi - Medieval - WLW/GxG

A short-form comic made in under 2 weeks, Stellar was my combination of love of burly ladies in armour and my frustration about the general lack of comics about jousting.

Rascal Prince Vol 1

Fantasy - Medieval - MLM/BxB
(Vol 2 currently in production!)

The first comic I made when I decided to pursue art. Rascal Prince is a love letter to all the cheesy yaoi I consumed growing up. It's light-hearted with elements of coming to terms with entering manhood and a bit of monster-loving sprinkled on top.



Sci-fi - Dreampunk - Visual Novel - MLM/BxB

YaoiJam2021 entry hosted on



CGs / Cutscenes

Coming soon

Unpublished work

Yet unreleased comics, for portfolio reviews only.

Limit Break Final Fantasy VII Trans Zine

Charity fanzine centred around transgender headcanons featuring FFVII characters

Sephiroth was such a large part of my formative years coming to terms with gender and sexuality. I explored the genderfluidity of the characters in this 18+ short comic.

Fateful Reunion : A Clerith Fanzine

Charity fanzine centred around the romantic relationship between Final Fantasy VII characters Cloud and Aerith

Aerith is one of my favourite characters in FFVII due to her kindness and complexity. Getting the chance to illustrate a short comic celebrating Cloud and Aerith's love alongside some truly incredible artists was an amazing experience.

Unpublished Illustration


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